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Zero Waste/Food Waste Reduction

A report says that in the UK people throw away up to 1/3 of the food they buy each week. It reaches up to 6.7 million tons of food each year. We develop the sense of reducing the amount of food we waste, as the food crisis increase around the world. It helps us save the money too – imagine saving 1/3 of your weekly food bill.

Impulse buys, buying 3 for 2 offers, poor portion control, cooking too much and then throwing away the extras and moldy fruit and vegetables are the major cause of food waste.

Throwing food in the landfill is considered to be ok in the opinion of many people. It’s biodegradable after all, so doesn’t cause problems. Using the non-biodegradable plastic bags to wrap the biodegradable food reduces the trouble of food waste. The food doesn’t rot down if the air doesn’t get to it.

Biodegradable materials decompose and produce methane gas in the absence of oxygen. The methane contributes to global warming.

Here we’re going to share the tips that can help you reduce food waste.

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