Zero Waste Food Shopping Ideas

Zero waste food shopping idea for many sound discouraging hence leaving many in a dilemma for which many will think it involves a lot of preparation and extra work so as to achieve it which is untrue for this case. Zero Waste sustenance shopping couldn’t be simpler if one happens to give it a second and a diplomatic thought.

Shopping using available storage material makes it easier as well as reducing the expense. This   forms a routine with time which makes shopping an enjoyable task. At a times, this is determined by a number of factors which range from obvious to unknown, for instance;

  • Identify what exactly you like most and what you don’t require at that particular time.
  • Generate a customary timetable and know precisely what you will definitely jump at the chance to eat so setting up a shopping rundown.
  • Look for empty jars and produce bags in your store which are not in use and carry with you to the market depending on what you are purchasing.

The idle storage material within your disposal might be of great help and may reduce the shopping cost for that case. These comprise mason jars, cartons, jugs, create sacks, packaging tins (with lids), reusable bags (avoid the one which previously had been used to pack fertilizer or cement for they contain toxic remains which might be of high risk to health)  preferably cotton or canvas because they are easily washable and super lightweight. The canning tins need to be marked either on lid top or sideways so as to make checking out much easier. This is often done using sharpie, erasable marker, masking tapes, and stickers for easy identification of the different jars.

At the point when nourishment shopping, convey yourself with four to eight containers and two sacks depending upon what one is acquiring. In such a case, keep one sack for packing the containers, and the other for delicate produce like tomatoes or kale with the goal that it doesn’t get squashed. This strategy likewise will help one not to spend on unnecessary/impulsive things such as an extra polythene bags.

Shopping without acquiring any plastic is simple once you get accustomed to it, and afterwards the procedure just gets to be normal. The photographs attached below shows a number of ways of undertaking Zero waste food methods;

a) Mason jars                                b) reusable bags                     c) glass jugs, sisal baskets

image002 image004 image006


There are different types of glass which are used to make different glass wares, and hence have different strengths. Pyrex, which is one of the safe glass type and therefore consider mason jars made of Pyrex.

Mason jars are commonly made of annealed glass. When annealed glass breaks, it may do so into small into sharp pieces. This can easily injury someone if you’re handling it at that time or it can break into small fragments of glass into your food and this may land one into a hospital. Therefore, discard any foodstuffs or drinks contaminated by glass breakages.